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PPR Mechanical License Agreement

All Part Predominant Recordings’ master tracks CDs or MP3's (for single titles) and CD or MP3 sets (of master works) come with a PPR Mechanical License Agreement which will allow you to share both digital or CD copies of our recordings for a fee depending upon the work.  The mechanical license fee for all single title works (such as anthems and octavos) is $1.00 per share/copy. The fee for all master works is $3.00 per share/copy.

For example:  You purchase the Master Tracks of "Gloria in D" by Vivaldi and need to make the following shares/copies:

4  soprano MP3 or CDs
3  alto MP3 or CDs
5  tenor MP3 or CDs
6  bass MP3 or CDs
18  Total

Multiply the total number of parts (18) by $3.00 for a total of $54.00. Then, complete and return the PPR Mechanical License Agreement by:


US Mail: Part Predominant Recordings

Attn: Duplication

2617 39th St NW, Gig Harbor WA 98335