Here's what our clients have to say about Part Predominant Recordings:

Craig Knapp, Choral Director
NY/ACDA Children's Choirs Repertoire & Standards Chairperson

The New York Chapter of ACDA has been using Part Predominant Recordings for our Children's Elementary and Middle School Honor Choirs for 8 years with incredible success. The first comment that every guest conductor has stated is, 'WOW, these students are so well prepared!' Part Predominant Recordings always works directly with the conductor to ensure that the recording captures the desired style, tempo, phrasing, articulation and pronunciation. PPR simply provides the BEST study recordings, all for a price you can't beat!

Gene Burton, Music Educator
Oregon Music Educator's Association, 2nd Vice President-2013 Conference Chair, OR

Various directors said the group was the most prepared they have ever been in years! The service, communication, and product was superb!

Daniel L. Bromsted, Past President
New York ACDA

Ken Dewell, President-Dakota Choral Union
Dakota Choral Union-Rapid City, SD

Everyone in Dakota Choral Union loves the Part Predominant Bach Magnificat practice CDs!

Becky Jarman, Choral Director
Organizing Chairman

Utah All State Honor Choirs

I am totally satisfied! I have been in charge of organizing our All State Honor Choir for 7 years and these were the easiest part recordings we have ever used-both the teachers and students really enjoyed them!