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We have been making top quality choral rehearsal recordings since 1995. We are proud to feature experienced, professional choral singers on all of our rehearsal tracks, suited to the style of the song.  Each title has multiple tracks; with a full choral performance (we call this the "full mix") as well as tracks with individual parts highlighted above the rest of the choir- which we call the "Part Predominant". You can purchase your individual Part Predominant separately, or the Master Tracks Bundle-which includes all of the parts, and in many cases, the accompaniment track as well. The Master Tracks Bundle can be shared with up to 10 singers. If you have a larger choir and would like to share with more than 10 users, just purchase an additional duplication/user license in order to share with more singers. To make your selection, tap on the "Rehearsal Tracks Options" tab available under each title.

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Compact Discs (CDs) are no longer available on our website

Part Predominant Recordings® has chosen to go fully digital and will no longer offer CDs for purchase on our website. All orders for Part Predominant Recordings® rehearsal tracks will be MP3s, instantly downloaded and accessible on your device. If you would like to purchase a CD of any title in our catalog, please contact us at
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