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Our History

Part Predominant Recordings was established in 1995, the brain child of my dad, Morris Pedersen, a choir director for nearly 40 years, retired as Director of Choral Music and Activities and Chair of the Arts and Humanities Division at Pierce College in Tacoma WA, where he had taught since 1973 and member of the Washington Music Educator's Association Hall of Fame.
From semester to semester, his choirs consisted of 40-60 non-auditioned singers ranging in age from 15-80.  With limited rehearsal time, it was difficult for some of the singers to learn the chosen repertoire. As a result, my dad began making his own rehearsal recordings so his choir could become more familiar with their music away from class. This was helpful to the singers, but a difficult and time consuming task. 
After several years of home-made recordings, he came to me and a colleague with his idea to start a company that would make professional rehearsal recordings to assist conductors like him in the process of helping singers to study and memorize their music faster and easier outside of class. As professional vocalists and music producers with a background in choral music,  we were familiar with the professional studio process and had access to professional recording equipment. 

Since then, Part Predominant Recordings has produced multiple masterworks, hundreds of octavos and anthems and rehearsal recordings for honor and select choirs across the US.  All of our recordings are custom produced featuring our incredible accompanist and talented, professional team of singers with extensive resumes, experienced in the art of choral music, all of whom we consider family and many who actually are! 

We are committed to promoting excellence in the choral world and are so grateful to our customers who have helped us become the leading choral part rehearsal company in the US.  We continue to add high quality recordings to our library throughout the year and hope you and your choir will benefit from -and enjoy-using our recordings! We make it easy to go from part to art!

Jennifer Lind Ivester, Owner
Part Predominant Recordings