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Duplication/User Fee Information

The original copyright for many of our recordings (Section 115 of the US Mechanical License) belongs to the composer or publisher and we own the sound copyright. So all Part Predominant Recordings’ Master Tracks purchases must adhere to our PPR Duplication License Agreement which will allow you to share our recordings for a fee (and for us to keep track of mechanical license fees we owe) depending upon the type of work.

Single title works (such as Hallelujah Chorus) are $1.00 per singer/user to share. Major Works (such as The Messiah) are $3.00 per singe/user to share.

For example: 

If you purchase Master Tracks of "Gloria in D" by Vivaldi for your choir of 18 and need to share with the following singers :

4  Soprano
3  Alto
5  Tenor
6  Bass
18  Total

Our Master Tracks come with a license for up to 10 singers. So you would need to pay for an additional 8 singers @ $3.00 each totaling $24.00.

You can add a duplication license for choirs with over 10 singers at time of purchase.